Welcome to Archyatra.com

Welcome to Archyatra.com


So the journey begins… Architecture journey for me started when I started realising the difference between designing and creating. My first statement after that was ‘I like to create places rather than design them’. After that my journey has been continuing in this path where my ideas meet new horizons and my thinking goes beyond my self-proclaimed limitations.

Today I want to take this challenge to make you a part of my journey and share my understanding of architecture and space in the places I have visited and I will visit and this will continue as long as I am on my journey of a lifetime.

Architecture and journey are synonyms if one can think of it that way. Art and architecture have never been still in time though they remain in one place. Each generation and each individual have their own understanding of architecture and as time passes these ideas and understanding sometimes change or take a different shape. Therefore it is very important to capture the image in your mind and into the paper as soon as you witness something precious. Photography can, of course, do a bit of it but once you express your feeling in the paper, then the idea remains.

Through this process, we can derive our own idea for architecture and begin our own journey through it.

So I share with you my idea of the places, my understanding of architecture when I see them and my perspective in the sense of travelling. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I enjoy sharing.